Because it could not find labor in the domestic market, Astra Rail Industries hired 50 welders from India at the factory in Arad.

The freight wagon manufacturer Astra Rail Industries, part of the American Greenbrier Group, is one of the big employers in Arad that has faced the labor crisis. He looked for workers for the factory in Arad, but did not find them in our county or in any other part of Romania. Under these conditions, the company has expanded its search abroad. This is how Indian workers currently work at the production unit in Arad.

The information was confirmed for Jurnal arădean / Aradon by the management of Astra Rail Industries: “Because we do not find enough workers in Romania, we hired 50 Indian workers. They are all welders and will work in different locations in the factory in Arad ”.

The first group of Indian workers arrived at the freight car factory in Arad two weeks ago, and the second group will arrive this week.